How to Stretch a Stretch

outdoor projector screen




If you don’t have anywhere to stretch “STRETCH” we can give you a few ideas.






You can buy an inexpensive lighting stand that is easy and quick to set up. These stands have a two piece truss up top 3 metres wide and have telescopic tripods at each end which extend up to 2.7 metres or more.

This type of stand is suitable for the 3m screen.






You could build your own frame, which is not all that difficult. Probably the most suited home made freestanding frame is one made from cheap 50mm PVC pipe and connectors available from the plumbing section at your hardware store.





Here are a few more ideas…

Photo 3On the deck
Photo1 Set up for Rear Projection
photo 4Near a pool
Photo 5Setting up on a stage
Photo 6The presentation on stage…

Stretch Outdoor Projection Screens are Sent Express Post Daily Australia Wide