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Stretch Outdoor Projection Screens are Sent Express Post Daily Australia Wide

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Outdoor Projector and Screen

Lightweight outdoor projector screens. Stretch Projector Screens are weatherproof and offer both front and rear projection. 3 metre + Wide $157 or 4 metre + Wide $188 Sent express post daily Australia Wide.

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Outdoor Projector and Screen

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Stretch outdoor projector screens can be used indoors as well as outdoors for a large screen projection.

STRETCH is great value if you want to make a fabric projector screen yourself, our screen fabric is fire retardant and cut and sewn to a pleasing shape.

Also bear in mind a indoor projector can be used for outdoor projection, you do not need to buy an outdoor projector. Just be sure to keep it protected from the weather.

If you need to buy a projector or have an existing projector you can check what distance your projector needs to be away from the screen. All projectors have varying throw distances, setting the distance between projector and screen is quite simple with the following online calculator. Projector Screen Distance Calculator

Simply enter your projector model and then adjust the sliders to see your projector distance/screen size suggestions

A Stretch Outdoor Projector Screen is ideal for:-
  • Outdoor Movies and Outdoor Sports
  • Disc Jockeys
  • Education and Training
  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Corporate functions and Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Stage Performances

A Stretch outdoor projection screen is a cost effective alternative to buying an inflatable projector screen. You will like the classy finish of a stretch outdoor projector screen compared to an inflatable projector screen.

If you are looking to buy a big outdoor projection screen the following key points will help you to decide which model to choose.


• Standard size model 3.6m x 2.2m when stretched – Extra Large size model 4.3m x 2.7m when stretched

• 4 corner loops and 12 double side loophole fixing points

• Makes many shapes depending on fixing points used

• Front or rear projection screen and fully portable

• Flame Retardant and weatherproof fabric for outdoor projector applications

• Wrinkle free set-up and can be used in light to medium wind conditions

• 40mm sewn border

• No fabric joins in projector screen

• Machine washable

• Easy to pack away in carry bag

• Sets up fast

• 8 Bungee cords and carry bag included

• Projector screen fabric will fully recover to its original state after being stretched

• 30 day money back guarantee